Posted by on Mar 21, 2012

First time making the rounds to Austin, TX for the 2012 SXSW Music Conference and had the pleasure of convoying with The Brooklyn Good Guys and co. ¬†Our caravan consisted of Brooklyn Good Guys arbiteurs, Fresh Daily, Suahd “Good Guy” Morris, and Suede Jury, Green Street accompanied by DJ Jester, Seun of S.O.S. Boston, Craig Hackey of Apt No. 7, and myself.

This 10 headed artist monster was a definite force to be wreckoned with and I would stand with the good book in hand testifyin’ that we made our presence felt in Austin. ¬†There will definitely be more to come on the Brooklyn Good Guys homepage. But first a little backstory from The Chief. We partnered with Brooklyn based boutique and gallery Live Astro to present our guerilla SXSW showcase which featured a kick ass bill with the likes of Fresh Daily, my tourmates Green Street, the remarkably talented Res, comers NeakO and Kooley High, and the soulful Hawthorne Headhunters. Fellow BGG Suede Jury did the opening honors and set the bar high with his undeniably rich Hip-Hop soundscapes and lyrical mastery. Keeping it all the way funky, (#KIF for those in the know) our lil “unofficial” SXSW showcase that bullied its way onto the main strip of East 6th Street became THEE thing to be at Wednesday afternoon in the middle of the SXSW week.

I mean.. XXL Surely thought so…. They threw this coverage up of NeakO’s performance before the week was up!
And imagine.. this was just Day 1 of our SXSW mission. Stay tuned for the full BGG recap in a few shakes. Highlights include our takeover of the NikeTalk Show, Thrifting with the BGG, Fresh Daily settin up shop at the Converse/Thrasher Showcase, me and A-Live’s close encounters at the Tanning Effect Nas & Steve Stout dinner and other shenanigans.

Not to mention I totally put it down.. shouts to my main ni99a on the trigga Craig Hackey for the flix.

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